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Praise the Lord, I'm Excited!

Monday, January 06, 2014

Christmas Reflections

This weekend the Christmas decorations came down. 

Typically I get melancholy and sad about ending the holiday seasons.  I think there's something in me that feels as though the happiness, joy, anticipation, and family time has to end when we get back to normal lives and schedules.  I feel as though there's nothing more to look forward to.

This year that melancholy feeling never came!  This year there was a joy and anticipation in getting back to the every day routine.  My heart swelled with excitement for upcoming events, trips, and normal life.

I'm excited for our trip to NYC and DC in April
I'm excited to begin leading a small group at church
I'm excited to be taking two amazing classes at Nate's seminary

(Yay for discounted prices for student wives!)I'm excited to build into my friendships
I'm excited to grow closer to Nate daily

I'm thanking the Lord for this excitement and know that He is doing great things in my heart and in my life!

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