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Fourth Time's the Charm

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

As of yesterday, I'm fifteen weeks pregnant!  I feel so blessed to be carrying this child and to know that the Lord has entrusted me to raise this little one.  These past fifteen weeks have flown by - so much so that I haven't shared ANYTHING with you all about the pregnancy.  I figured the best place to start would be at the very beginning.  (Ok, maybe not the VERY beginning, that's not blog appropriate)

Let's start the day that Aunt Flow was supposed to show up for me.  I'm not completely regular (TMI?) so being a few days late wouldn't have been a big deal but I just felt different.  I didn't have very many of the symptoms that come along with pregnancy (yes, I researched all of them and paid meticulous attention to my body to see if I was having symptoms) and, honestly, the only symptom I had was that I was breaking out like crazy - probably more than I did even in middle school, but for some reason I just KNEW I was pregnant.  It was different than any of the other three months when I hoped I was pregnant, this month I knew.

That night I had coffee with a few of my girlfriends.  One of the friends I was with hasn't been able to get pregnant and has a 9 month old adopted son and the other friend was 8 months pregnant with her daughter whom had taken almost a year to conceive.  Obviously, talk went to babies.  They both knew that Nate and I were trying and that it had been a few months and they asked how I was doing.  I was honest with them and told them that I was fairly certain I was pregnant.  They were skeptical, especially since both of them knew what it's like trying for a long time, and encouraged me to not get my hopes up.

The thing was, I didn't feel like I was getting my hopes up.

That night, when I got home from coffee, I talked with Nate about how I felt.  I also told him about my fears and how, after feeling so certain, I didn't want to be let down if a pregnancy test came back negative.  He encouraged me to just take the test and go from there.

The next morning I got up, went into the bathroom, opened the pregnancy test, and peed on the stick.  I was expecting to have to wait at least two minutes to get any results but within ten second two little lines showed up - bold and beautiful!

I didn't know what to say.  Nate was in the other room and all I could do was squeak out, "Nate, come here please."  He walked into the bathroom and I simply handed him the test.  He got a huge smile on his face and hugged and kissed me.  His words that morning summed up exactly what I was feeling...

"Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed"


Five Weeks Pregnant!

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