Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nine Free (or VERY Cheap) Date Ideas

Hey hi! I'm Hannah from My Delicious Adventure and I'm so happy to be hanging out in this little corner of blog-land today :) I think it is so wonderful that Susannah is on an exciting adventure with her hubby!

Speaking of adventures, that's exactly what I'm going to talk about today! But, not so much the big adventures. No, I'm talking about the little adventures that can happen weekly. Also sometimes known as dates.

My hubs is currently working on getting his PhD. And before that for nearly the entire five-ish years we have been married one of us has been in school. This makes for a frugal lifestyle. But one thing that is important to do no matter your lifestyle income is to continue to date your hubby or special someone.

Here are a few of my favorite little adventures/dates .... for those on a tiny budget.

Have an indoor picnic in your living room if it's too cold or rainy outside.

Pick a date night. It could be a weekly or monthly night. This doesn't mean you have to actually leave the house or go to a restaurant. You could make a meal together and then enjoy eating your tasty results. To add a little spark, you could set the table all nice and pretty and even light some candles. oo la la. Or, if you do go out, go somewhere you have gift cards to (if you have gift cards. We like to ask for gift cards to restaurants for Christmas and birthdays, this way we can build a little supply and not have to pay for our dates out :).

Go to the park and take a picnic lunch (or dinner). Stroll around outside together before you find your perfect picnic spot. Try going to different parks to have new adventures each time. This is one of our favorite go to adventures/dates.

Have a weekly pizza and movie night. We don't have cable (or even the ever so popular Netflix). We borrow movies from the library (free!) and then one of us will fix pizza while the other gets our little munchkin ready for bed. By the time the wee one is ready for bed, so is our dinner. We are able to sit down together and enjoy some tasty pizza and a movie together. Cheap, yummy, and fun I'm telling ya'. It's really perfect for young families on a budget.

Visit a nearby factory or museum that gives free tours (or just look from the outside in if you can so you don't have to pay). This is one of our favorite things to do, it's just neat to see how factories function and it's a fun little way to do something a little different.

Explore your city. Pick a day and walk around downtown. Admire the restaurants, museums, shops, and buildings. People watch together. Pick a place you want to shop at or eat at some time and dream about it together ...maybe even splurge go there then.

Go to a petting zoo and pet the animals from the outside. Just walk around the entrance area and visit all the animals you can. That way you don't have to pay! In many ways, I think that makes the visit even more exciting, fun, and memorable. And yes, we have done this several times, kehe :) Or you could find a zoo that has free days and visit on that day.

Go to a National Park and spend the day hiking and exploring. You might have to pay a park entrance fee, but that's it. Pack a picnic lunch, some snacks, and a dinner depending on how long you plan on staying. Spend the day exploring and enjoying God's beautiful creation together.

Go to the Farmer's Market together. We have loved living in towns with great Farmer's Markets. They are fun to go to together, you can taste different fruits, veggies (depending on the type), breads, jams, and other yummy things. Plus you can pick a few fresh goodies to take home with you and enjoy.
The things on this list are by no means the only free/cheap adventures/dates you can have with your hubby or special someone. They are just some of the ones we enjoy the most. I'd love to hear of the things that you do for a free or cheap date! And remember, there is nothing wrong with finding things to do for free, that's almost half the fun of it!

Thanks again to Susannah for letting me pop over and share on her blog today! It's been an absolute delight visiting with you all! 


  1. thanks for the tips, Hannah! :) sometimes it's hard to come up with "new" date ideas so this is great!! :) love that donkey pic!

  2. These are such great tips! :)

  3. Those are some great ideas! Picnics are always so much fun! And I love donkeys! So adorable!

  4. These are such fun date ideas! Love them! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Good ideas. It's easy to overlook these simple, yet fun, things every city has to offer.

  6. What wonderful, creative ideas! LOVED this post! Thanks for sharing your heart, and God bless. :)

  7. these are really fun ideas! they'll come in handy when i meet my special someone. ;)

  8. I love these ideas, my hubby and I found a country dancing bar we plan on visiting more often but I definitely have been wanting to try out the local candy factory: Hammonds in Denver. We used to hit up the zoo when we were dating and a local park. I also love walking downtown and through farmers markets with my man. A couple weeks ago we went to the gym together and had a blast. Future dates I've been wanting to do: go karting, touring the factory, concert, picnic.

  9. These ideas are great. I think my favorite is go to a petting zoo. Cute animals!

  10. Love these ideas! So many of these are on my list of things to do this summer!

  11. These are such great ideas! Petting zoos are the best :-)

  12. my husband and i are always looking for new date ideas, so this is a great list - love the bit about exploring your city - it's so easy to forget what's right outside our front door :)


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